The BeSneaky network of web based proxies is a large collection of sites that allow our users to browse any website anywhere. If any websites are blocked off at school or work this means that you are not able to access multiple websites that typically include: e-mail, chat, online recreation or social networking websites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and others. All BeSneaky web based proxies will allow you to bypass these filters.

A web proxy server is a server that you can use to take the place of another server and act as that server in every way. While the proxy server will still be getting everything it needs from the normal server, you will not interact with the normal server in any way and in fact this means that the proxy web server will act as a middle man of sorts between you and the server that you wish to interact with.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes after a lot of use one of our sites can be blocked from your network so if this happens please visit one the other sites in the network listed to the right.

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